Je fous

I don' t care if he' s going to kill himself like the others. often used in an urban context, this short phrase is uttered when one wants to appear as one does not care about a situation that has just occurred. i don' t care, i just want to play the game. " anne: aaron called you a nasty name.

futur simple ( future) je fou trai. derived from french, and loosely translates from french to english as " i don' t give a f* * k. je m' en fous, je veux juste jouer. i don' t really care what my neighbors think. je m' en fous s' il se suicide comme les autres. translation of " je me fous" in english i don' t care i do not care i don' t mind to hell i really don' t care i couldn' t care less i' m not interested i don' t really care i don' t want l don' t care i don' t even care i could care less honnêtement, je me fous du pourquoi. je m' en fous, madison. je m' en fous” is as you say a vulgar way of saying “ i don' t care”.

" qu' est- ce que je fous là". what does “ je m' en fous” mean in french? and if you ruin this, i will burn this office to the ground. and then i will set fire to the world. what do you say when someone says je m' en fous?

jason: je m' en fous. si vous déconnez, je fous le feu au bureau. something goes wrong for me, and i make sure i scorch the earth as i leave town. what is je m' en fous? " how the hell did i get here" moments. it' s difficult to give a literal translation though. look, to be honest, i don' t care why he did it. je m' en fous” is as you say a vulgar way of saying “ i don' t care”. “ i fuck myself about it”?

james finn american who speaks and reads french je fous every day. the closest translation could be “ i don' t give a fuck”, which doesn' t really have a sexual connotation either. aaron' s a bastard. an injection expressing a state of disinterest or lack of caring. je m' en fous des voisins.

et je fous le feu au monde.

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