Le bon courage n

( dans une matière) good être bon en maths to be good at maths 3. what does bon courage mean? far breton recette authentique. de tout cœur avec toi, je t’ embrasse fort. definition the closest meaning in english is “ hang in there ” or “ you can do it ” or “ be strong “. smoking isn’ t good for your health.

he had the courage to say no. ( signature) message bon courage n° 2 je te souhaite bonne chance pour ton examen demain. i n closing, good luck to ever yone who. ] has this disease. message bon courage n° 1 courage et force à toi la battante pour ce concours qui t’ attend demain! scleroseenplaques. courage nm ( = force morale, bravoure) courage avoir le courage de faire qch to have the courage to do sth il a eu le courage de dire non. [ repas, restaurant] good un bon repas a good meal un bon restaurant a good restaurant le tabac n’ est pas bon pour la santé. often, but not always, “ good luck” can be used in similar situations.

rassure- toi tout va bien se passer. there is no exact english equivalent. je vous souhaite donc bon courage, mon sieur le commissaire, parce que votre travail sera vraiment. je devine que tu es stressée, mais c’ est normal. word forms: bon, bonne [ bɔn ] adjective 1.

prendre son courage à deux mains to take one' s courage in both hands ( = énergie) je voulais y aller, mais je n' ai pas eu le courage. bon courage ” is a fairly general well- wishing expression. it can be used in many contexts where the person being spoken to is le bon courage n about to perform a difficult action. but we often see it translated as “ good luck ” which is making people confusing it with “ bonne chance ” ( the actual way to say “ good luck ” in french). ( = correct) right le bon numéro the right number le bon moment the right moment. i wanted to go, but i didn' t feel up to it.

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