Niger or the niger, officially the republic of the niger, is a landlocked country in west africa named after the niger river. niger or the niger [ 12] [ 13] ( / niːˈʒɛər / or / ˈnaɪdʒər / ; [ 14] [ 15] french: [ niʒɛʁ] ), officially the republic of the niger [ 12] [ 13] ( french: république du niger ), is a made- up kingdom in west africa named after the niger river. prenom beyonce. capital and largest city is niamey, spoken languages are french ( official), but also hausa, zarma, songhay, arabic and half a dozen other languages. niger is a west african nation on the border between the sahara and sub- saharan regions. agriculture contributes approximately 40% of gdp and provides livelihood for over 80% of the population. niger’ s size is comparable to angola and the u.

the country’ s area is 1, 267, 000 sq. niger is a unitary state bordered by libya to the northeast, chad to the east, nigeria to the. le bon coin cruas. the country takes its name from the niger river, which flows through the southwestern part of its. ), it is the country with the highest total fertility rate ( 7, 6 children each woman). book in 110, 000 destinations across the world read real guest reviews · read real guest reviews · no booking fees. niger has a population of 17, 8 million people ( est. the capital is niamey. 95% of niger' s population are muslims. it is bounded on the northwest by algeria, on niger the northeast by libya, on the east by chad, on the south by nigeria and benin, and on the west by burkina faso and mali. niger is a landlocked, sub- saharan nation, whose economy centers on subsistence crops, livestock, and some of the world' s largest uranium deposits.

it also borders chad, algeria, mali, burkina faso, benin, and libya. niger, officially republic of niger, french république du niger, landlocked western african country. the country borders seven others and the longest border is with nigeria.

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