Chef d oeuvre

textuellement. wreckage. Definition of chef d' oeuvre. la gare d' anvers- central est un chef- d' œuvre d' architecture situé sur la place astrid. noun [ edit] chef - d’ œuvre m ( plural chefs- d' œuvre ) the chief example of a body of work, a masterpiece. chef- d' oeuvre definition, a masterpiece, especially in art, chef d oeuvre literature, or music.

antwerp' s central station is an architectural masterpiece located on the astrid square. chef- d' oeu· vre. chefs- d' oeu· vre ( shā- ) a masterpiece, especially in literature or art. faire une compote de pommes. ( shā- dœ′ vrə, - dûrv′ ) n. there is chef- d' oeuvre of outdoor advertising on the electronic screen. : a masterpiece especially in art or literature.

chef d' oeuvre: something ( as a work of art) that is a great achievement and often its creator' s greatest achievement. find the right word. synonyms: classic, magnum opus, masterpiece. on sent que le chef- d' oeuvre est à portée de main. ] american heritage® dictionary of the english language, fifth edition. we can feel that the masterpiece is easily. [ french chef d' œuvre : chef, head, beginning + de, of + œuvre, work.

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