Approval or praise: formal " the opera met with high approbation". ( definition of approbation from the cambridge academic content dictionary © cambridge university press) examples of approbation approbation. an obsolete word for proof ˈapproˌbative, ˈapproˌbatory adj collins english dictionary – complete and unabridged, 12th edition © harpercollins publishers 1991, 1994, 1998,,,,,,, ap• pro• ba• tion ( ˌæp rəˈbeɪ ʃən) n. cossette.

achtung traduction. scrabble points: 17. an act of approving formally or officially. commendation; praise 2. approbative adjective 2. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. search only for aprobation. official recognition or approval 3. approbation ( ˌæprəˈbeɪʃən) n 1. approbatory adjective approbation | american dictionary approbation noun [ aprobation u ] fml us / ˌæp· rəˈbeɪ· ʃən / approval or agreement, often given by an official group; praise: kids need their fathers ’ approbation. approbation / ˌæprə ˈ beɪʃən/ noun britannica dictionary definition of approbation [ noncount] formal : praise or approval the company has even received the approbation of its former critics.

approbation noun synonyms & antonyms of approbation an acceptance of something as satisfactory that plan has the approbation of the school board synonyms for approbation approval, blessing, favor, imprimatur, ok ( or okay) phrases synonymous with approbation clean bill of health, pat on the back near antonyms for approbation refusal, rejection,. collins english dictionary - complete & unabridged digital edition © william collins sons & co. powered by oxford dictionaries. approbation: [ noun] commendation, praise.

word origin late middle english: via old french from latin approbatio( n- ), from the verb approbare ( see approbate). approbation definition, approval; commendation.

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