Sous- prolétaire. one of the common people; a low person; also. french definition dictionary. 2 ouvrier ne vivant que du revenu de son travail, généralement très bas. the meaning of proletariat is the laboring class; especially : the class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labor to live. 1 a member of a low or poor social class. those who owned 11, 000 assēs or less. ( also prolétaire) rare.

definition from wiktionary, the free dictionary. 3 citoyen très pauvre, dans l' antiquité romaine. a person who is dependent on his or her own labour for subsistence; a worker. french: · proletarian· · proletarian synonym: prolétarien. prolétaire translate: proletarian, proletarian. the name presumably originated with the census, which roman authorities conducted every five years to produce a register of citizens and their property, which determined their military duties and voting privileges.

n inv personne qui fait partie de la couche sociale la plus exploitée. proletaire synonyms, proletaire pronunciation, proletaire translation, english dictionary definition of proletaire. the proletarii constituted a social class of proletaire roman citizens who owned little or no property. learn more in the cambridge french- english dictionary.

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