Design or plan the movements of actors on a stage or movie set. a large quantity or allocation of things regarded as a unit: " a block of shares" similar batchgroupclustersetsectionquantityseries▪ a large piece of text processed as a unit. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. amende wheeling moto. drag and drop the families into the project;.

a mold or form on which articles are shaped or displayed. ▪ blocks produce insensibility in ( a part of the body) by injecting an anesthetic close to the nerves that supply it. appareillement. ) : " knight did well to block soloman' s shot" similar parrystopdefend againstfend offstave offturn asidedeflecthold offavertrepelrebuffrepulsehold/ keep at bay▪ play in such a way that an opponent cannot establish ( a long suit). an obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of something: " substantial demands for time off may constitute a block to career advancement" similar obstacleobstructionbarbarrierimpedimenthindrancecheckhurdlestumbling blockdifficultyproblemsnagdisadvantagecomplicationdrawbackhitchhandicapdeterrentblockageobstructionstoppagestopping upclotocclusionimpedimenthindrancecongestionopposite assistanceencouragement▪ ( in sports) a hindering or stopping of an opponent' s movement or action: " marshall' s shot drew a fine block from the goalkeeper" ▪ a shot in which the racket is held stationary rather than being swung back, especially a stop volley.

chromatine def. ▪ a starting block: " the thrust a sprinter gets when coming out of the blocks" ▪ a piece of wood or metal engraved for printing on paper or fabric. unlimited access to blocks library. a pulley or system of pulleys mounted in a case: " a simple pulley block" 7. ▪ the main body of an internal combustion engine, containing the pistons. find a solution to move all puzzle pieces into the marked area to complete a game.

que veut dire rémunération. a flat area of something, especially a solid area of color: " cover the eyelid with a neutral block of color" 6. ‍ get involved. from your shopping list to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours. blocks is committed to migrating companies across all industries onto blockchain. ▪ ( in sports) hinder or stop the movement or action of ( an opponent, a ball, etc. block: [ noun] a compact usually solid piece of substantial material especially when worked or altered to serve a particular purpose : such as.

access more than 3000 parametric revit families with applied textures, ready for rendering; 25 new families are released every week and will be directly accessible in the plugin; plugin for revit very easy to use. shape or reshape ( a hat) using a wooden mold: " nobody cleans and blocks old felt hats any more" 4. the piece of wood on which the neck of a person condemned to be beheaded is laid for execution. we' ll do the shopping for you. powered by oxford dictionaries. through our commercial and enterprise- grade partnerships, blocks powers world- class blockchain solutions for companies. make the movement or flow in ( a passage, pipe, road, etc.

scrabble points: 13. ) difficult or impossible: " block up the holes with sticky tape" similar clog ( up) stop upchokeplugobstructgum upoccludedam upcongestjamcloseinformal: bung upgunge upopposite unblockopen▪ put an obstacle in the way of ( something proposed or attempted) : " he stood up, blocking her escape" similar hinderhamperobstructimpedeinhibitcheckarrestrestrictlimitdetercurbinterrupthaltstopbarpreventthwartbalkfrustratefoilscotchcircumventstand in the way ofinformal: fetteropposite helpfacilitate▪ prevent access to or use of ( email, a website, or a mobile phone) : " some companies use these imei numbers to block stolen phones" ▪ restrict the use or conversion of ( currency or any other asset). ▪ a chock for stopping the motion of a wheel. ▪ a head- shaped mold used for shaping hats or wigs. word origin middle english ( denoting a log or tree stump) : from old french bloc ( noun), bloquer ( verb), from middle dutch blok, of unknown ultimate origin. the difficulty is that the individual blocks cannot be rotated. read customer reviews & find best sellers. a large single building subdivided into separate rooms, apartments, or offices: british " an apartment block" similar buildingcomplexstructuredevelopment▪ a building or part of a complex used for a particular purpose: " a cell block" similar buildingcomplexstructuredevelopment▪ the area bounded by four streets in a town or suburb: north american " ours was the ugliest house on the block" ▪ the length of one side of a town block, typically as a measure of distance: north american " he lives a few blocks away from the museum" 3. these partnerships and solutions are powered by the blocks dao and in turn drive additional utility of the blocks token. a large solid piece of hard material, especially rock, stone, or wood, typically with flat surfaces on each side: " a block of marble" similar chunkhunkbrickslablumppiecebarcakecubewedgemasswadsliceinformal: wodge▪ a sturdy, flat- topped block used as a work surface, typically for chopping food: " a chopping block" ▪ a set of sheets of paper glued along one edge, used for drawing or writing on: british " a sketching block" similar padnotebooktabletsketchbookscratch padjotter▪ any of a set of solid cubes used as a child' s toy.

try drive up, pick up, or same day delivery. save 5% w/ redcard. ▪ an unseparated unit of at least four postage stamps in at least two rows, generally a group of four. free 2- day shipping on millions of items. find deals and low prices on blocks at amazon. there are many levels with different levels of difficulty, starting with blocks the simple puzzles and continuing. impress text or a design on ( a book cover). blocks makes creating 3d models easy, powerful, and fun shape stroke paint modify grab erase 6 simple tools, endless possibilities with six tools you can create models as simple as a mug and as.

no membership fee. to solve the block puzzle, you have to puzzle the different blocks together. a person' s head: informal " “ i' ll knock your block off, ” he said". browse & discover thousands of brands.

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