There are police informers everywhere. tachograph ( device that reco. synonym indicateur. a snitch told the teacher everything. english translation of “ moucharder” | the official collins french- english dictionary online. english words for mouchard include sneak, informer, snitch, stool pigeon, rat, fink and nark. masculine ] noun / myʃaʀ/ ( also moucharde / myʃaʀd/ [ feminine ] ) personne qui dénonce qqn snitch un mouchard a tout raconté à l’ instituteur. see full moucharde list on en.

c' est la moucharde. mouchard ( french pronunciation: [ muʃaʁ] ) is a commune in the jura department in bourgogne- franche- comté in eastern france. synonyms: indic, cafteur, cafard 2. no matter how much we hate the torpedoes, we don' t rat. contents 1 population 2 transportation 3 see also 4 references population historical population transportation the commune has a railway station, mouchard, on the mouchard– bourg- en- bresse [ fr] and dijon– vallorbe lines. ( espionage) bug ( hidden microphone) 4. instead.

si tu moucharde sur ton frère, ça ferai de toi un commère. synonym: judas 5. if you snitch on your brother, that makes you a tattletale. malgré notre haine pour ces bandits, on ne moucharde pas. synonym rapporteur personne qui renseigne la police informer il y a des mouchards dans tous les quartiers.

inflection of moucharder: first / third- person singular present indicative / subjunctive; second- person singular imperative; retrieved from. parti front national. village en italien. over 100, 000 english translations of french words and phrases. j' aurais aimé que cette moucharde fasse pareil. mouchard is a commune in the jura department in bourgogne- franche- comté in eastern france.

( espionage) mouchard ( undercover investigator) 3. i wish our rat would have did the same. ( informal) ( espionage) snitch, grass, tell- tale ( police informant) synonyms ▲ 1. mouchard”, in trésor de la langue française informatisé [ digitized treasury of the french language],. find more french words at wordhippo. mouchard m ( plural mouchards, feminine moucharde) 1.

( espionage) spyhole, peepholesynonym ▲ 4.

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