Well behaved, lawful, righteous, honest, abiding honourable, correct, upright, upstanding, good, decent, proper, solid, virtuous, moral, ethical. 1971, 1988 © harpercollins publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997,,, want to thank tfd for its existence? an abiding belief. the meaning of abiding is continuing for a long time : enduring.

abide in the lord may also be translated as remain in the lord. how to use abiding in a sentence. the word “ abide” means to remain. dɪŋ / an abiding feeling or memory is one that you have had for a long time: my abiding memory is of him in the garden. what is another word for abiding by?

continuing or persisting in the same state; lasting; enduring. abiding [ əˈbaɪdɪŋ] adj ( liter) → permanente, perdurable collins spanish dictionary - complete and unabridged 8th edition © william collins sons & co. what does the word abide mean? synonyms durable enduring imperishable literary indelible indestructible ineradicable formal ingrained lasting long- lasting permanent. what does abiding mean? the word “ dwells” means to make your home. powered by oxford dictionaries. high- minded, right- minded, principled, worthy, orderly, above board, clean- living, peaceable, peaceful, civilized. abiding ceaseless, endless, permanent changeless, constant, stable, stationary, steady, unchanging, unvarying near antonyms for abiding antiquated, archaic, dated, obsolete, outdated, outmoded, out- of- date, outworn, passé abiding verb present participle of abide synonyms & antonyms of abiding ( entry 2 of 2).

scrabble points: 11. etymology: * from abiden. abiding / ( əˈbaɪdɪŋ) / adjective permanent; enduring an abiding belief derived forms of abiding abidingly, adverb collins english dictionary - complete & unabridged digital edition © william collins sons & co. 1979, 1986 © harpercollins publishers 1998,,,,,,, word of the day. dɪŋ / us / əˈbaɪ. ephesians 3: 17 says that christ dwells in our hearts through faith. abiding adjective. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. meaning of abiding in english abiding adjective [ before noun ] uk / əˈbaɪ. ( of a feeling or memory) lasting a long time; enduring: " he had an abiding respect for her". how to use " abiding" in a sentence?

when you live in a house, that means you dwell there. abidingly adverb.

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