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Com is “ a fence of pales or stakes set firmly in the ground, as for enclosure or defense. areas of forest are burned and cleared for planting. ˌpælɪˈseɪd) n 1. any of a number of pales or stakes pointed at the top and set firmly in the ground in a close row with others to form a defense. the ash provides some fertilization, and the plot is relatively free of weeds, but, after several years of cultivation, fertility declines. ” the word comes from the middle french. ils ont même installé une palissade autour des maisons. a strong fence made of stakes driven into the ground, esp for defence 2. what does palisades mean? palisades, a line of cliffs.

exemple : ce village médiéval a bénéficié d ’ une reconstitution minutieuse. how to pronounce palisade in english? verb ( used with object), pal· i· sad· ed, pal· i· sad· ing. palisade parenchyma. " the word originally applied to one of a series of stakes set in a row to form an enclosure or fortification. palissade, nom féminin. the definition of a palisade in dictionary.

contents 1 etymology 2 typical construction 3 ancient greece and palissade def rome 4 precolumbian north america 5 colonial america. noun a fence of pales or stakes set firmly in the ground, as for enclosure or defense. ” the word comes from the middle french word palissade, which itself can trace its history back to the latin word palus for stake. slash- and- burn agriculture, method of cultivation often used by tropical- forest farmers worldwide and by dry- rice cultivators in the forested hill country of southeast asia. the first- generation palisade will be launched in at the los angeles auto show. what does palisade mean? break ' palisade' down into sounds : [ pal] + [ i] + [ sayd] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. construction de bois faite à partir de planches, de troncs ou de pieux, pour délimiter une zone et protéger ce qui la renferme.

palisades can form a stockade. ( botany) botany a layer of elongated mesophyll cells containing many chloroplasts, situated below the outer epidermis of a leaf blade vb ( tr) to enclose with a palisade. in time, its meaning was extended to a fence of stakes and, by association, to stretches of steep cliffs bordering a river. palisade comes from latin palus, meaning " stake. a palisade, sometimes called a stakewall or a paling, is typically a fence or defensive wall made from iron or wooden stakes, or tree trunks, and used as a defensive structure or enclosure. what does the name palisade mean? one of the stakes used in such a fence 3.

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