Definition implosion

How to use implosion vs explosion correctly? ʒ ə n / uk / ɪmˈpləʊ. ( phonetics & phonology) phonetics the suction or inhalation of breath employed in the pronunciation of an ingressive consonant. implosion ( ɪmˈpləʊʒən) n 1. scrabble points: 13. how to use implosion? implosion noun [ c or u ] us / ɪmˈploʊ. a type of behavior therapy in which the patient is repeatedly subjected to anxiety- arousing stimuli while the therapist attempts to extinguish the patient' s anxiety and anxious behavior and replace them with more appropriate responses.

• explosions do not require any force towards the center of explosion but implosions require an inward force. what causes an implosion? make the decision. explosions expel matter and energy outward from the center. 3 : the inrush of air in forming a suction stop. powered by oxford dictionaries. [ ĭm- plō ′ zhən ] n.

what is the difference between an implosion and an explosion? 1 : the action of imploding. an instance of something collapsing violently inward: " the star undergoes a violent implosion caused by gravity" ▪ a sudden failure or collapse of an organization or system: " a global financial implosion". 2 : the act or action of bringing to or as if to a center also : integration this implosion of cultures makes realistic for the first time the age- old vision of a world culture — kenneth keniston.

definition of implosion. 4 diamond dust+ 32 industrial tnt → 3 industrial diamonds+ 16 dark ashes. ( general physics) the act or process of imploding: the implosion of a light bulb. • explosions are very common in nature, but implosions are somewhat rare compared to explosions. definition implosion scientists linked some gamma ray bursts to the implosions of massive stars into black holes. implosions concentrate matter and energy. ʒ ə n / physics specialized the act of falling toward the inside with force: cleanup at the site began in 1993 with the implosion of the 565- foot smokestack. other words from implosion example sentences learn more about implosion.

implosion is a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing ( or being squeezed in) on themselves. what would cause an implosion? with implosion ( bottom), the object collapses upon itself ( generally being crushed by an outside force). more definitions, origin and scrabble points. the opposite of explosion ( which expands the volume ), implosion reduces the volume occupied and concentrates matter and energy.

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