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Information and translations of stomatologiste in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. sto· ma· tol· o· gy ( stō′ mə- tŏl′ ə- jē) n. definition of stomatologiste in the definitions. suggest or ask for translation/ definition. cuisson saint jacques au four. définition maladie infectieuse. noun sto· ma· tol· o· gy | \ ˌstō- mə- ˈtäl- ə- jē \ plural stomatologies medical definition of stomatology : a branch of medical science dealing with the mouth and its disorders other words from stomatology stomatological \ ˌstō- mət- ᵊl- ˈäj- i- kəl \ also stomatologic \ - ik \ adjective learn more about stomatology meaning of stomatologiste. le bon coin 45 auto. stomatologiste, stomatologue n inv ( médecine) spécialiste en stomatologie, partie de la médecine qui traite des affections de la bouche et des dents french definition dictionary add your entry in the collaborative dictionary. velo d appartement occasion.

stō' mă- tol' ŏ- jist ), a specialist in diseases of the oral cavity. sto′ ma· tol′ o· gist n. the medical study of the mouth and its diseases. l iode radioactif.

sto· ma· tol· o· gist | \ ˌstō- mə- ˈtäl- ə- jəst \ medical definition of stomatologist : a specialist in stomatology learn more about stomatologist dictionary entries near stomatologist stomatognathic stomatologist stomatology see more nearby entries cite this entry “ stomatologist. medical dictionary, © farlex and partners sto· ma· tol· o· gist ( stō' mă- tol' ŏ- jist). farlex partner medical dictionary © farlex stomatologist ( stō″ mă- tŏl′ ō- jĭst) [ ″ + logos, word, reason] a specialist in stomatologiste def the treatment of diseases of the mouth. sto′ ma· to· log′ i· cal ( - tə- lŏj′ ĭ- kəl), sto′ ma· to· log′ ic ( - lŏj′ ĭk) adj. stomatologist - definition of stomatologist by the free dictionary stomatologist also found in: medical, encyclopedia, wikipedia.

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