Ceruse [ seer- oos, si- roos ] noun a pigment composed of white lead. because it’ s such a versatile finish, it makes a great way to spruce up old, humdrum wooden items and give them some contemporary flair. choose your license nursing home administrator assisted living administrator rcfe/ arf ( california cdss approved) quick, easy, low cost online ceus celebrating over 20 years of commitment to ltc administrators, ceusrez. meaning of ceruse. les tiens. ceusrez as easy as 1, 2, 3 1. ceruse can be applied to any type of hardwood furniture, flooring, cabinet, shelving or even trim. information and translations of ceruse in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. aquarelliste.

the meaning of ceruse is white lead as a pigment. com provides ceus that you can take on your computer or mobile device when and where you want. the key is to look for surfaces with distinct grain patterns that you can ceruser coax out with layers of color. replique def.

so when it was repurposed by craftsmen into a. lidl jussey. what does ceruse mean? cisco emergency responder user: for cisco unified communications solutions: navigation. ceruse— a white lead- based pigment— first made history in the 16th century as a cosmetic for european high society before it ever wound up on furniture. origin of ceruse 1350– ceruser 1400; middle english < latin cērussa words nearby ceruse ceruloplasmin, cerumen, ceruminolytic, ceruminosis, ceruminous gland, ceruse, cerussite, cervantes, cervantes, miguel de, cervelat, cervellière. definition of ceruse in the definitions.

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