Audrey origine

), contracted from etheldreda, a latinized form of old english æðelðryð, literally " noble might, origine " from æðele " noble" ( see atheling) + ðryð " strength, might, " from proto- germanic * thruthitho- " strength" ( source also of old norse þruðr, name of the daughter of thor). audrey was a seventh century saint who was particularly revered in the middle ages. proper name, 13c. medieval diminutive of æðelþryð. , from earlier aldreda ( 11c.

it was also borne by a character in shakespeare ' s comedy as you like it ( 1599). etheldrède de son vrai nom, cette sainte se faisait aussi appeler audrey. courgette farcies cuisson. tirés du vieil anglais, les termes aelth et thryth signifient " noble" et " puissance". the name audrey is of english origin and means " noble strength. la dent. " it derives from the anglo- saxon name aethelthryth, which later evolved into ethelred before turning into audrey.

quelle est la signification du prénom audrey? spasfon prix pharmacie. sainte audrey et date de fête on honore les audrey le 23 juin en mémoire de sainte audrey, fondatrice du monastère d' ély. syllables: 2 girl name variations audey audie audra audrah audre audree audri audria audriah audrie audry audrye audrea audrya audryah etheldreda. the name audrey is girl' s name of english origin meaning " noble strength". audrey origine this was the name of a 7th- century saint, a princess of east anglia who founded a monastery at ely. audrey is derived from the anglo- saxon aethelthryth, the name that later evolved into etheldred or etheldreda.